About EH2 Solar

EH2 Solar is dedicated to offer competitive technologies in the domains of Green Energy and Sustainable Resource Usage such as Biomass, Solar, Cooling and Ice and Potable Water production.
Our Company

Founded in 2006, EH2 Solar has developed technologies and formed many parterships around the world to offer accessible green solutions worldwide. EH2 Solar's goals are: energy efficiency, environmentally friendly solutions and best prices possible to help green technologies be more accessible for all.


Since the energy savings provided by the cooling technology is worth many times the value of the water produced, EH2 Solar offers potable water at the lowest price on the market. For example, in Mexico the value of the energy saving is worth 40 times the value of the water produced.


Also, when combined with LNG regasification terminals EH2 Solar’s cooling technology transports and distributes the wasted cooling by the terminals, so even if the cooling is sold at half the local price the equipment is reimbursed in less than a year.


EH2 Solar works in R&D. The enterprise employs engineers and builds strong partnerships with companies and specialists in the water treatment, biomass and energy domain. 

Environment & Sustainability

For EH2 Solar’s primary market, the LNG terminals, the permits for the sea water pumping stations are already issued. We can therefore benefit from these current permits and installations while helping them have 5 to 8 times less impact on marine life.