Cooling Technology

  & Potable Water

EH2 Solar has developed an innovative cooling technology that saves up to 82% of the energy consumption of a building, while offering potable water at the end of the process.
Cooling Technology

EH2 Solar produces a desalinated ice and water mixture from seawater. This slush, or ice slurry, is then transported into pipes and used to cool down buildings, solar or thermal power plants, or any other process which requires cooling.


Since ice slurry is colder than ambiant air in the warm regions of the globe where cooling is required, it helps save up to 82% of the energy previously used to cool down the building.


Major Industries:

  • Oil and gas

  • Food and beverage

  • Pulp and Paper

  • Commercial and Residential Buildings and Land Development


Our first targeted market is LNG (liquid natural gas) regasification plants since this technology can help them produce twice more LNG with the same installations.


A prototype producing 2500 liters of ice per day has been developed and provided great results. The ice once melted, contained a salinity of less than 400 ppm, corresponding to the standards for potable water consumption and distribution of maximum 500 ppm of salinity. Seawater contains a salinity of approximately 35 000 ppm.

Partners and Validations

EH2 Solar's cooling and desalinating technology has been validated by Professor Alberto Teyssedou, Thermodynamic and Fluid mecanic specialist at Polytechnique of Montreal and Ph.D. in energy and master in engineering Etienne Saloux.