Products & Services

Under an EPC contract, EH2 Solar designs the installation, procures the necessary materials and builds the project, either directly or with subcontractors. In some cases, we carry the project risk for schedule as well as budget in return for a fixed price, depending on the agreed scope of work.

Engineering Functions

  • Initiation

  • Implementation

  • Planning & Programming

  • Estimating → Request for Quote

  • Valuation

  • Design


Construction Functions

  • Construction Schedule

  • On-site Material Handling

  • Construction Activities

  • On-site Client Communications

  • Valuation & Cash flow

  • Closing


Procurement Functions

  • Purchasing

  • Expediting

  • Receiving

  • Invoicing

  • Reconciliation


EH2 Solar can do the maintenance, refer subcontractors or even form current employees to do the maintenance.